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  • Exercise

    April 1, 2020 by

    Is “exercise” a diet culture word? Is it “diet culture” to want to work out to the point of feeling some soreness the next day, to push yourself and want to develop strength and tone? I am not sure. My nutritionist often gives me push back for using words like “workout” and “exercise” and my HAES trainer always seems a bit perturbed if I experience any soreness. But for me, working out is a source of joy. I really enjoy the feeling of pushing myself, of trying things I don’t know if my body can do. Of getting stronger. The… Read more

  • The New Normal

    March 30, 2020 by

    Finally, I feel like I am up to speed on a fairly good new routine. Here are some things I am doing: Being really careful about my morning routine, including showering, dressing, meditation, breakfast, and meds. Posting my outfit and makeup on Insta every day, as a way of making sure I really do get dressed and “presentable.” Doing some fitness every day. I now have a zoom HAES personal trainer, and we have appointments three times per week. I have also subscribed to Curvy Yoga Studio. If you are a user of that site and have favorite videos, let… Read more

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